Questions you may have for R.A.J. Building

Frequently Asked Questions

Both have advantages but one major advantage of new construcion is you will have a completely custom home exactly the way you want it. Renovating an existing building can often be more cost effective and sustainable up front. However, there can be hidden expenses with renovating an existing home because additional work may be required to meet current building codes.

Generally it takes 3-4 months to build a new home but there are many variables that can cause delays. Some contributing factors for delays are weather, permits, obtaining materials and any changes the home owner may make.

Usually for a completely custom home, the lot is not included. Construction prices vary and based on materials, labor, and site conditions.

You absolutely may look at some of the houses I've built and if the homeowner is available, you can tour the house and speak to them as a reference.

R.A.J. Building, Inc. is fully licensed and insured. Yes we offer a new home warranty.

You can finance new construction but I suggest you speak to a bank or mortgage company for more details.

Construction requires a lot of scheduling and moving parts, changes can increase the costs and cause delays but it's always an option if necessary.